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Team concept -- subordinate to the overall situation

[interpretation] team first, the collective is the most important, and the overall situation is the most important, which is the premise of team competitiveness and career success.

Team model -- the "forthright" model

Sun tzu's art of war, chapter 9 says, "a good soldier is simple.The snake of hengshan will strike first and last, then first and last, then first and last.To be frank is to compare a unit to support each other and to fight together.The "forthright model" means cohesion, collaboration, and teamwork.

Team spirit -- redwood spirit

Redwood is one of the highest tree species in the world.Some are over 100 meters high and have a lifespan of more than 2,500 years.The trees, which grow mainly along the coast of California, are vulnerable to typhoons and heavy rain.Some people believe that such tall trees can survive so long in the challenges of nature. They must have huge roots, and their roots will stretch deep underground.In fact, redwood trees are not deep. The special geological conditions of California beach make them not deep.Their secret of not being afraid of the cold was that the roots of each cedar were locked in a crisscrossing web of the surrounding fir.Although on the surface seems to be a separate fir tree.When the storm hit, but their heel support each other, mutual protection, a defense against wind and rain for thousands of years.The "redwood" spirit is the best embodiment of team spirit.